Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maggie the Dog in Germany

Maggie is a very sweet 6 year old dog residing in Germany. Her people, Ruth and Sascha contacted me in December 2010, because Maggie wasn’t her happy self and was showing signs of pain. They sent me a photo of Maggie and when I saw it, all I could do was cry. Maggie was in so much pain, but loved her people so much; she didn’t want to burden them.

The feelings I got from her was severe lower back pain and an issue with a front paw. Maggie is a very loved pet and she showed me her plush bed and green squeaky toy. She had no complaints about her diet, but getting up and down the stairs was just too much for her. She also showed me a fireplace that she liked to lay in front of. She liked the warmth, but not the cold winter in Germany. She had a big garden to play in, but she had pain running and getting around in it even on warm days.

Through my tears, I sent Maggie Reconnective Healing Energy remotely, as I am in California. For about 30 minutes a day for three days, I sent energy to Maggie. By the third day I got the feeling that Maggie felt better, a little less pain. I felt she had some Arthritic issues as well as some back disc issues and recommended she also see a Chiropractor and/or Acupuncturist. The Vet had already done all she could do, that is why I was contacted.

Through a Skype call with Ruth and Sascha, they confirmed all that Maggie had showed me and agreed to take her for Chiropractic treatment. They also thought that she was getting around better and seemed to be in a lot less pain that before.

From Ruth and Sascha:
In December, Maggie our Golden-Retriever-Collie Mix was playing with her friends and came back limping and crying because of pain. The doctor said she had a flipped disc. We asked Dona to find out how painful it really is for Maggie and what we can do for her or what she wants. It was incredible what Dona found out. She told us stuff she could not know. For example the toy she is playing with and that she likes laying in front of our fire place. Dona did some Reconnective Healing to Maggie and soon she stopped limping.
Thank you very much for your help an your energy.
Ruth, Sascha and Maggie from Germany

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Darien in Costa Rica

Darien is the 3 year old son of the man we have hired to run our Coffee Farm in Costa Rica. Oliver, his wife Lizeth, daughter Ashley, age 8, and Darien live in our house on the farm. This wonderful family, maintain our house and have turned a dying coffee farm into a healthy one, and actually got our first coffee harvest. A modest one, but a harvest none the less.

We just spent 2 weeks with them, making repairs, installing a water tower to hold the water being pumped from our creek, and arranging for 5,000 more coffee trees to be planted this year. A new road to access the back half of the farm is in the works, and hopefully it will be completed before the rainy season begins.

My husband, Mark, loves to relax in a hammock in the afternoons, and so, he purchased a beautiful hand made hammock from one of our neighbors. A few days later, while we were purchasing some supplies in town, we got a frantic call from Darien's mom. It seems the children were playing and Darien had fallen out of the hammock and landed on his head. It was a day that the Clinic was closed and she didn't know what to do. We rushed home and found Darien crying with a big lump on his head. As best we could tell, it was not an emergency situation and tried to calm everyone down.

I offered to do a Reconnective Healing® on Darien. They put him in his bed and I began to give him healing energy. He put up his hands and said "don't touch". I told him and his father that this was an energy healing and I would not touch him. Only minutes into the healing, Darien said: "Papi, it feels like hands are touching me". They could clearly see that I was not touching him. Almost immediately Darien calmed down. Then I saw that his eyes began to roll back into his head and his mouth began to move as if speaking, but no words came out. His shoulders, arms and hands began to twitch slightly. Then he rolled onto his side and went to sleep. I gave his approximately 30 min of Healing Energy and quietly left the room.

A few hours later Darien emerged from his room very hungry. He had no more pain, the big lump was gone and all that was left was a very big smile, and a very very relieved Mama & Papi.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patti the donkey, week 2

I arrived at the pasture after all the horses and donkey's had been fed. I didn't want them to be anxious or hungry. Everyone seemed sated and calm, and some had already started their naps. I spotted Patti and decided to enter the pasture.

I walked toward Patti, greeting her and speaking her name. She looked at me, but as I got closer, she walked off, always staying ahead of me. Monica had told me that Patti didn't like being chased, since she had had such a bad experience with the Cowboys. I decided to stop and just talk to her and beam some Reconnective energy to her. Since Reconnective energy works at a distance, this would not be a problem. I can actually do distance healing from home, but I prefer the interaction with the animals and see their reaction and progress.

When I stopped "chasing" her, she stopped too. I kept talking to her and continued beaming energy to her. I told her what I was doing, and that if it felt good to her and if she wanted to...she could come closer to me.

After about 5 minutes, Patti began walking towards me. She got closer and closer and then....she actually walked up to me and put her head in my chest. It brought tears to my eyes! Remember this is an animal that had been abused, trusted no one (excepting Monica) and would not let anyone near her.

Reconnective Healing® really does work!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Patti the Donkey

A local Vet in Half Moon Bay, CA, suggested that I try some energy work with larger animals. Having had excellent results with smaller animals; my cats and the rescue dogs/cats, I decided to give it a try. She referred me to Monica Gavin at the Equine Rescue Center down the coast. I gave Monica a call, introduced myself and found her open to the idea of Reconnective Energy Healing®.

Monica had several older horses with various ailements and needs, but she really wanted me to give attention to a little donkey named Patti. It seems little Patti had been used by cowboys for cattle roping practice. They would chase her down, laso her, throw her to the ground, tie her feet and drag her. Then, adding insult to injury, Monica found out that she had been attacked by dogs, which explained the scars on her face. Think she had some trust issues? Monica said it took her three months to build up enough trust to be able to get close to her.

With Monica standing next to Patti, it took only five minutes for me to be able to approach her and be close to her. I spoke calmly to her and began sending her Reconnective Energy®. Patti looked at me with very sad eyes that told me she felt like a rape victim. I assured her that she was safe with Monica and the herd of horses, and that no one would hurt her anymore. She allowed me to work with her for 30 min, focusing mostly on her arthritic ankles.

A few days later, I followed up with a phone call to Monica. She felt that Patti was more calm and that she was walking with less pain. I asked if I could visit the following week alone to see what would happen without Monica's influence. It turned out to be pretty amazing! Stay tuned.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jose the Chihuahua

With my love of animals and my curiosity to see how well "The Reconnection" works, I decided to volunteer some time to a rescue center. Locally, Companion's in Waiting was the one I chose. Jo Hamilton introduced me to Jose the chihuahua. Jose arrived with a fractured pelvis. A local vet put him back together, but he had little or no use of his left hind leg, plus he was incontinent. That made him difficult to adopt.

My first session with him, I used Reiki and felt some heat eminating from my hands and Jose seemed very calm on my lap and took all the energy that I sent him.

The next week I switched to "The Reconnection" and WOW! My hands went nuclear!!! I actually felt sparks flying from my fingertips to Jose. I felt like I had gotten an electric shock. The session lasted 45 minutes, but during that time......Jose actually folded his outstretched left hind leg under his body.

Our jaws dropped.....this is the first time he actually moved and had control of this leg by himself. When I finished the session and tried to lift him from my lap, he didn't want to go, he wanted more of this new "frequency/energy", he was dead weight. When I put him on the floor, I noticed that I had 4 other dogs sleeping at my feet, absorbing any left over energy they could get.

I watched Jose as he began putting weight on his leg and waddled off.

The next few sessions Jose kept improving, walking better, supporting himself on the bad leg while scratching himself with the other leg, and then it happened. While Jose was in my lap, I was speaking with Jo. Unconsciously I was scratching Jose and he started scratching with his bad leg; meaning he now had feeling and reflex. It was awsome!